Lead Generation through Blogging

Lead Generation – An Introduction

Lead Generation through Blogging -Blogging is important for lead generation
Blogging is important for lead generation

One of the ways of improving your business website’s effectiveness, be it for lead generation, sales improvement or brand awareness, is by regularly blogging about the questions that your customers are curious about.  Curiously, this happens to be in line with the old adage of giving in order to receive. “The best way to have in abundance is to give in essence. There is great possession in charity.”  Adewale Osunsakin.

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What is your unique selling proposition?

Introduction to Unique Selling Proposition

unique selling proposition
The different pebbles represent unique selling proposition of different products and services

There is overwhelming agreement in marketing literature that most of the businesses that fail, do so  because they fail to identify their unique selling proposition and send marketing messages about this to their customers and prospects. This applies to all businesses, big or small, and generic or niched.

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