Good or Bad Strategy?

Good or Bad Strategy

How do you know your strategy is good or bad? In this article we cover a few yet quite important tools for keeping yourself in check. There are  essentially three check points that Richard Rumelt 2011, called “the kernel of good strategy”. Kernel refers to “the central most important part of something”  Oxford. Firstly, the diagnosis of the situation or challenge at hand. Secondly the creation or identification of a guiding policy for dealing with the critical difficulties, and finally a set of coherent actions. Let’s unpack them one by one. Continue reading → Good or Bad Strategy?

Lead Generation through Blogging

Lead Generation – An Introduction

Lead Generation through Blogging -Blogging is important for lead generation
Blogging is important for lead generation

One of the ways of improving your business website’s effectiveness, be it for lead generation, sales improvement or brand awareness, is by regularly blogging about the questions that your customers are curious about.  Curiously, this happens to be in line with the old adage of giving in order to receive. “The best way to have in abundance is to give in essence. There is great possession in charity.”  Adewale Osunsakin.

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What is your unique selling proposition?

Introduction to Unique Selling Proposition

unique selling proposition
The different pebbles represent unique selling proposition of different products and services

There is overwhelming agreement in marketing literature that most of the businesses that fail, do so  because they fail to identify their unique selling proposition and send marketing messages about this to their customers and prospects. This applies to all businesses, big or small, and generic or niched.

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Internet Usage in South Africa-Commercial & Cultural Forces

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South Africans are spending an increasingly more amount of time on digital platform than any other medium. According to a 2017 report by We Are Social, South Africans spend on average eight hours a day on the internet using a desktop computer or tablet. The report also showed that daily internet use on average for mobile phone was three hours, a little over two hours was spent on social media using any medium and television viewing time per day was two hours. Ask Afrika conducted the Target Group Index (TGI) Survey which showed that people aged 25-34 (16.3%) and 34-44 (15.6%) are more likely to shop online than those in other age groups.  The survey also showed that even though women are more likely to purchase groceries or clothes online, men have a higher tendency to shop online than women do. Online banking is also an extremely popular service, though it is growing more rapidly in the mobile market. First National Bank alone has more than 4 million registered customers who use cell phone banking.

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Internet trends you should know about in South Africa

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South Africa occupies a unique space as both a quickly evolving first-world society and a developing third-world country with related socio-economic issues. This has resulted in inequalities that leave many people unable to satisfy even their most basic human needs. South Africa also exists in an interesting technological space: high-speed internet connectivity and infrastructure are very poor, but close to 100% of the adult population have access to a cell phone. The average internet user has a relatively low level of proficiency but is likely to have a Facebook profile (over 50% do). However, those who are online represent the most affluent sectors of society – the sectors that any marketer ideally wants to target since they have the most spending power.

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What is your competitive advantage? Let’s help you break this monster down

Competitive Advantage In this article we ask questions about your business strategy. Contrary to popular belief this can be very basic and intuitive questions that business owners should be asking themselves already. Blame it on the academics who are guilty of creating this fuzzy mystery around strategy. Strategy has been complicated by all sorts of models that offer nothing significantly different from what is covered in this article.

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Why You Need to be Online

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Digital Marketing in Action

When done smartly, your online marketing plan will integrate seamlessly with your traditional tactics, won’t cost a fortune and will expose you to a market that you had previously been invisible to. Here are six more reasons why you should be online:

  1. Your market and competitors are already there. If you market and sell products or services to a middle-class clientele, you need to extend your strategy

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